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I offer a translation service for websites, marketing contents, brochures, catalogues, product packaging, corporate documents (ex. IT Policy, CSR documents and HR Policies), presentations, conference packs and audio-visual contents.
This work can be eclectic and I never know what to expect next: luxury handbags, wine, recipes, songs, mouldable glue, Roman frescoes, board meeting presentations, staff recruitment profiles, challenges faced by cocoa producers or even the life of hippos… My job is never boring! I am happy to help whenever possible, however, should your request be out of my depth, I will try to redirect you to a colleague able to assist in that particular field.


As a qualified ITI member, a chartered CIOL member and a translator registered with the French Consulate in London, I am able to provide certified translations for a variety of administrative purposes. I regularly work with personal documents such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Adoption Orders, Divorce Decrees, Police letters and Deed Polls, etc.
Please contact me if you need more information on this service.

Bringing your work to life

I have recently started translating  fiction into French. I particularly enjoy doing this, especially when working on Young Adult and Children’s Literature. I focus above all on style and atmosphere to reflect as best as possible the original qualities of the source work. I like the fact I can contribute to encourage youngsters to read, from very young children to teenagers.

I also offer a reading and proofreading service for source texts in French, not only to correct spellings and grammar, but to offer a fresh eye on the plot, characters, style and storyline. It is always fascinating to examine the writing process and to have an insight on how an author thinks.

Minding your language

I strive to deliver spotless documents and texts, free from spelling, typing and grammatical mistakes. I offer a proofreading service for existing translations as well as a revision service if you need to cross-check an existing translation against the initial source text.

Finding the right words

Unlike a straightforward translation, this type of work involves more creativity to ensure  concepts and ideas work successfully in the cultural context of the receiving audience.
I closely work with you to understand your company, product(s), approach and goals. Then based on your original text, I translate and rephrase your materials in French to create the right impact. Your final product is authentic and natural and will “speak” to your clients or users.
I also untertake copywriting work to help you create your contents directly in French.

To the point

I can help you to improve your French – whether for school, examinations and conversational or business purposes. I am qualified as a modern languages teacher and I have taught in a wide variety of settings, ranging from primary and secondary schools to adult learning centres. I customise my classes to suit your learning style and needs while keeping sessions friendly, engaging and fun. Give it a go!

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