Your Questions Answered

I need to know what type of document you want to translate, what the purpose of your translation is and who your translation is for, in order to provide the best possible service. Please tell me if you have a specific deadline. This information will allow me to get back to you with an appropriate price and a realistic timeframe. I always send a detailed, written estimate before undertaking any translation work, so everything is clear. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any translation requirements.


Rates reflect the size of your document (number of pages, word count or character count and overall volume) and any specific requirements – general formatting, tables, images, graphs, handwriting and audiovisual formats, etc. – plus the level of specialisation and any special time scale involved. I usually charge per word or per character, or I may apply a per page or per hour rate (for example for personal documents) depending on your particular circumstances.


I will provide a deadline at the time of sending your estimate, or if you already know how much time you have in hand for your translation, I will confirm whether I am able to work to your timeframe. I would normally consider two to four working days for personal documents with a certification. For quality reasons, I am not a big fan of same-day jobs. In my view, it is far more effective to proofread translations with a fresh eye, so it is best to put them aside for a while before coming back to them later for a final check.

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