About Me

Magali Béchade

An approachable translator offering first-rate solutions tailored to your language needs. Please don’t shy away. Get in touch! I would love to hear from you.


I am a qualified translator and chartered linguist, with a passion for everything language related. I specialise in translation for the creative industries and personal documents requiring certification, but I also practise general translation.
My aim is to offer a customised approach based on the specific needs of each client, with a spotless service. Simply put: I care.

"One word at a time, I build bridges between languages and cultures to help people understand each other."

I usually translate from English into French, my native language, but language combinations may vary depending on the circumstance.

I studied Modern Languages (English and Spanish) and International Business at undergraduate and postgraduate level, before  specialising further with a Postgraduate Degree (French DESS) in International Exchanges. Following this, and I qualified as a language teacher and later, as a translator.

I settled in England in 2002 after travelling extensively through South America and Europe. I spent over 14 years working in multinational companies, so I understand the challenges faced when employing staff from varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds and the importance of clear communication.

I have worked with children and adult learners of all ages as a former modern languages teacher. I still occasionally teach from time to time and it gives me a real buzz! More recently I have developed a strong interest in training and mentoring work and I look forward to sharing my experience with my peers.

I love reading and my favourite genres include novels, fiction, adventure, the classics, sociology, or a good old mystery. I might get so side-tracked by the dictionary that I forget what I was looking for in the first place! Being a mum, I also have the perfect alibi to explore the world of children’s and YA literature.

Workwise, I proofread author work and I translate books into French. This is my favourite form of translation — the perfect blend of creativity, languages, reading and writing. I have translated a series of five American contemporary romance novels. Check out the “Books” section for details.

I live in a multilingual household with a supportive husband, a lovely boy (way too smart for us!) and our ever-hungry feline friend. I enjoy cooking, baking and sharing meals with friends. I can often be found in the kitchen, not only preparing food but also singing and dancing!

I am a big fan of the great outdoors and I love starting my day with a peaceful walk – or with a morning dip in the sea if I’ m very lucky.