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I am a native French translator, proof-reader and copywriter based in Surrey. My specialisations include personal documents with certification, books (Contemporary Romance and YA) and translating for the creative industries. I have a special interest in education and career counselling as well as personal coaching.

Please feel free to get in touch! I would love to hear from you.

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As a qualified ITI member, a chartered CIOL member and a translator registered with the French Consulate in London, I can provide certified translations for a variety of administrative purposes. I regularly work with personal documents such as Birth and Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Adoption Orders, Divorce Decrees, Police letters and Deed Polls, etc. Please contact me for more information on this service.

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I offer a translation service for marketing content, websites, brochures, corporate documents, presentations, conference packs and audio-visual contents.

From luxury handbags to craft tutorials, recipes, newsletters, HR Policies or NGO reports, I never know what to expect!

For book translations,

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This type of translation involves more creative work to adapt concepts and ideas successfully in the sociocultural context of your receiving audience. We collaborate closely so that I can fully integrate your vision and understand your company, corporate culture, product, approach and goals. Then, based on your original text, I translate and rephrase your contents into French to create an authentic result with a natural flow, for a full impact on your target audience.

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Other Services


I strive to deliver spotless texts free from spelling, typographical and grammatical mistakes.

I offer a proofreading service for existing translations as well as a revision service if you need to cross-check an existing translation against the initial source text.

Feel free to enquire!


How about creating your contents directly in French?

I undertake copywriting work to help you prepare letters, brochures, presentations, LinkedIn posts and tweets, etc. Just let me know what your requirements are and I will face that blank page for you.

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Language coaching

I help you build your confidence in French, whether it's for school, exams, conversation or business purposes. At times, you might simply need a boost with some friendly conversation practice to keep your language skills flowing. Whatever your situation, I customise my classes to suit your learning style and meet your needs while keeping our sessions engaging and fun. Give it a go!

About Me


I set up as a freelance translator in 2016 and have not looked back since then! Before that, I spent 14 years working in large multinational companies. I understand the challenges faced when dealing with people from varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds. I know how vital clear communication is.


In terms of qualifications, I graduated and post-graduated in Modern Languages (English and Spanish) and International Business, before specialising further with a Post Graduate Degree in International Exchanges. Following this, I qualified as a language teacher and later, as a translator. I settled in England in 2002 after travelling extensively through South America and Europe.

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Book Translation

Bring Your Stories to Life in French!

L’autrice américaine Sawyer Bennett s’inspire de son expérience concrète de la vie pour écrire des histoires qui résonnent auprès d’un large public. Avec pour cadre les Outer Banks de Caroline du Nord, sur fond d’océan Atlantique, le dépaysement est assuré !

Dans cette série de romance contemporaine, Sawyer Bennett nous entraîne avec fraîcheur dans le sillage de personnages attachants et colorés, le tout dans une ambiance « made in America ». Soleil, surf, plage, drames de vie, amitié, sororité, sentiments : nous suivons des personnages à la fois forts et fragiles, qui résolument, affrontent la vie et ses imprévus avec résilience et humour, tout en assumant à 100 % une sexualité sans tabous. Un souffle de liberté pour une lecture légère et distrayante teintée d’une touche d’érotisme.


Process, Price & Timeline

I need to know what type of document you want to translate, what the purpose of your translation is and who the translation is for. Context is key! I will ask you to provide your document or text, preferably as a Word doc or PDF. Based on this information, I will get back to you with an accurate quote and a realistic deadline.

Rates reflect the size of the document (number of pages, word/ character count and overall volume) while considering timescale constraints, complexity, creativity and any specific formatting (such as images, handwriting and specific file types) or certification requirements.

You will always receive a written estimate before I undertake any translation work, including price information, deadline and payment terms. Everything is clear from the beginning.

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Work Approach

Everyone is different and may have specific requirements.

I focus on a customised approach based on my clients’ individual needs.

I want to understand how I can best support you or your activity in order for me to deliver the highest possible value to you. Simply put: I care.

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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hugely matters to me.

I constantly work on my skills and exchange with my peers to improve my subject-knowledge. I am active in two revision clubs and contribute to the French ITI Network Newsletter as a co-editor.

I fully subscribe to the Professional Charters of ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting ) and CIOL (Chartered Institute of Linguists).

Finally, your privacy matters. Confidentiality is a priority and I comply with all relevant GDPR requirements to ensure your data is safe .

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Magali is an extremely talented translator.

She is also a dream to work with. She has great communications skills and always turns in the best work possible. Her professionalism and team work is superior. I am so pleased to work with Magali on this series of books”

February 2022, Big Dog Books

“Magali continues to provide excellent translation work. Always ahead of deadline, always well reviewed, always a team player. Magali is professional, responsive, ready with well thought out points to consider. She has quickly made herself a critical partner for Big Dog Books”

April 2022, Big Dog Books

Client Testimonials

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I believe in teamwork! I regularly collaborate with excellent colleagues to ensure quality is up to the highest standards - of course, always with prior client agreement!

“It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Chloé and Magali. They worked on an English-to-French translation of a difficult and technical piece, under time pressure. The translation was of a very high quality and was delivered promptly.

Chloé and Magali were also extremely helpful and responsive throughout the process.

We wholeheartedly recommend them”

April 2023 - CRIN

Child Rights International Network

« Un grand merci, Magali !

C'est toujours un grand plaisir de travailler avec vous, en raison de votre efficacité en particulier »

February 2023 - CB, Private Client

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« Encore merci pour votre rapidité, efficacité et profesionalisme.

J'ai vraiment eu de la chance d'avoir votre aide »

April 2022 - CS, Private Client

Thank you!

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Contact Me

Let’s explore how we can work together.

Don’t hesitate, contact me now!

2A Lime Tree Avenue

Thames Ditton,



United Kingdom

M: +44 (0)790 098 5443

T: +44 (0)208 398 2712

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